IBM Bluemix is ​​a cloud computing tool that combines the platform as a service (PaaS) with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), it was developed by IBM. It allows to use several programming languages ​​and services with DevOps tools.

It designed to help developers create and run modern джойказино зеркало en joy casino com applications and services. It gives developers instant access to the calculations and services they need to quickly launch projects, repeat them continuously and make them evolve successfully. With integrated services for mobile devices, IoT, Watson and others, IBM Bluemix is ​​an ideal platform to power the next wave of applications that thrive with data.

Create and run applications

Use powerful open source technologies on runtime environments, containers, and virtual machines to run your applications and services.

Access data and applications

Turn your raw data into relevant information to prepare for consumption and use in production applications.

Get a flexible hybrid cloud

Bluemix is ​​distributed as a single, казино онлайн все consistent platform on a public, local or dedicated cloud. Start anywhere and develop easily as your strategy evolves.

Bluemix is ​​the core of our innovation platform, enabling us to quickly deploy and test applications both with our partners and with our customers. By integrating our solutions with Bluemix, we can significantly reduce our development time and we no longer have to deal with problems such as scaling”