A SOC (Security Operation Center) is a division within a security cell, which ensures the security of the organization, at technical and organizational levels. In any building, a SOC is a place from which employees supervise the site with specific data processing software, monitors access, controls power, alarms, and so on.

Within a security team, the SOC acts as a system for detection, analysis, risk prevention, warning alerts (through products like SPLUNK, Change auditor and other SIEM products), and also , Decision support, protection and exploitation of contingencies.

Through a well-configured SOC, the company can ensure business continuity and anticipate possible problems and incidents, as a firewall and an intrusion detection system (IDS) are not always sufficient.

Other functions of the SOC: Logging, monitoring, Coordination and remediation, Reporting audit,  Security Reporting , Post incident analysis, Forensics

What are the benefits of our SOC sevices for your company?  

  • Quick response time (effective for example in the case of a Malware, given its speed of propagation)
  • Ability to recover from a DDOS attack in a reasonable amount of time (Distributed Denial Of Service)
  • Identify potential attacks more quickly and abort them before they cause damage